18 July 2014

Live blogging and modern art

As we were doing some live blogging yesterday (including some disturbingly light-hearted retellings of the sinking of the Titanic), I thought I'd do a two-part blog of today's events.


It's coming up for 9.30am and in a short while we'll be heading out to do some video vox pops. My group is focusing on street markets and where Londoners get their lunch. Apparently it's going to be really hot out there today.

In other news, Kasia has just added an inspirational painting to our wall:

Despite its glamorous sheen, its provenance is rather humble. (A bit like us.) The man who has been painting the doors of the office over the past few days was using it to protect the floor. Thus the random streaks of red and white and the tear in the middle.

Most of the lines are straight though, so I'd recommend this piece belongs to the post-Cole-Fernandez-Versini Neo-Cubist movement.

Anyway, it's time to hit the streets of London with our cameras and tripods...

The spot where we did our interviews


4.30pm - My feet have only just stopped throbbing. It's worth it though, for our mission was a success. We (Tom, Kaltrina and I) chose the topic of street food and markets, so we first went to Borough Market to shoot the stalls in action. Unfortunately we were moved on by security as we didn't have permission to film there, so we did our interviews on a road on the fringes of the market near some pubs and eateries.

It was a great place to shoot as there were plenty of people hanging around to eat their lunch. We spoke to local Londoners, workers (including a couple of marketeers from The Gherkin), foreign visitors, stall owners; all united by food. The variety of answers we heard was remarkable - each person had their own perspective on what is the most important thing that determines which food we buy and eat. The answer to the question 'What do you usually have for lunch?' was fairly unanimous: sandwiches.

That said, many who we asked were too camera shy to do the interview. It was another do-or-die lesson for us, this time in persistence and in being bold and winsome with the general public. In fact, once we got into the cycle of asking someone to come over, doing the interview and then sending someone else to get the next person, it became a fun experience.

We left Borough Market at about two, still in need of some background footage of markets and shop fronts. We managed to get enough, although the market we went to had a power cut and so had to shut down early, and we found ourselves on the wrong side of security again when we were asked to stop filming in a shopping centre near the PA offices. Talk about a comedy of errors.

With our footage now uploaded onto computer, the next stage is to edit the different tracks together. We'll be doing that in a couple of weeks time.

I leave you with this refreshing vision from Putney Bridge, looking north, which helped me justify the early starts on my way to work on Tuesday:

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