28 July 2014

A treatise on cranes

I saw two interesting cranes today as I was traveling home over Hammersmith bridge. If you look to the west while crossing the green giant you can see quite a few cranes at the moment in the mid-distance as the river curls round, but the two I'm picturing formed a perfectly symmetrical 'X'. Against the low evening light, they looked just right for each other. Sorry, no picture.

I often wonder when I'm on the bus going over a bridge that there are others around me so transfixed by their phone or a book (maybe the latter is excusable) that they won't look even momentarily at the Thames. Not long ago I was reading Joseph Conrad's opening to Heart of Darkness where he describes a sunset on the River. I'm yet to see the colours he uses but I do recognise the mixture and gameplay between darkness and light that he lays out. There's always something worth searching out and waiting for in London - you just need to know where to look.

This week it was my turn to graduate. I say 'my turn' not out of nonchalant disrespect for my beloved Roehampton, but because many on the PMA course like me have finished their undergrad degree this year. It was really fun to share this moment of celebration with my parents as well as my friends. After the ceremony in the Royal Festival Hall, I was surprised to be taken for a visit up The Shard. The views were phenomenal:

Today we were editing together our vox pop pieces, which took a lot longer than I expected. It was satisfying to see our hard-earned footage come together and each of the three final cuts looked fairly professional up on the TV screen.

I tried to go berserk on the resubmissions this weekend. It's hard to tell whether you are 'behind' and probably best not to think that way as the workload seems to be constantly growing. There haven't been any tears yet, at least not on the outside. Overall, the next few weeks look very exciting.

Tomorrow we start subbing with Keith, so this piece may be half its original size next time you see it!

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