25 July 2014


We're coming to the end of our first week of features training and apparently no-one reads features anymore (or at least we don't - hoes exposed). But eventually we'll write "great" features that people will read and not use to line their cat's litter trays.

Whilst that's been tricky enough for us to get our heads around it appears some of our fellow trainee journalists are still in need of some more basic education.

During another early morning shorthand lesson with the lovely Richard a few unusual questions were raised:

SAM asked what a BANGLE was...

TOM as always asked MANY things but amongst the most mind-boggling...He had no idea what "Feng Shuey" was aka Feng Shui to the rest of us...
 But SAM did know and was quick to explain... "It's complete    
 sh!t3"... philistine  
Richard and I also had to explain to TOM what a "Bunga Bunga" party was...
In other news ROSIE is a tarot reading witch...

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