23 July 2014


This is me trying to catch up on missed posts as I finally have a moment after completing my shiny red folder. 

Around this point we had just gotten used to writing news 'quickly and efficiently' - and then began perfecting our feature writing. This would have been fine, but it also quickly dawned on us that making a feature something others WANT to read is actually quite tricky. 

Say something interesting and leave your ego at the door, THIS IS ABOUT YOUR READER.

We also began learning some media law, which made us terrified to ever write anything again. Drat. And we had just gotten used to writing good copy!

As I am writing this in retrospect, I can confirm that we got over this pretty quickly with consistent deadlines.

Here is the most sued journalist in the UK, I will keep this image in mind next time I'm making a tricky legal decision:

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