15 July 2014

Day Nine

It's the eve of our ten-day anniversary as Summer 2014 besties and no-one has cried yet – not even Kaltrina. We've already submitted approximately 273 pieces of work and I'm still behind on almost everything. The last couple of days have seen a change of pace with Darshan, learning about all kinds of crazy stalking techniques on social media (our course Mumma returns tomorrow). We've also coaxed Sam in the 21st century. Despite his anger at not getting his first dozen choices of Twitter handles, he eventually caved, as he did with WhatsApp.

I've learned lots already including one of life's great lessons: do not question Olivia McCrea-Hedley on the spelling of stiletto. For real, the fear I felt when she found out she lost the two-against-one vote... (in my defence, I've not worn my mum's heels since I was about five, and Kaltrina also thought it was spelt differently and she's probably worn them far more recently.) I would also never play Roberta at Poker.

Anyways, I feel this picture perfectly encapsulates how I feel whenever a) Roberta sets us a brief, b) Roberta says stuff in her many alter-egos in her press conferences and c) when we've gone out into the big bad world and interviewed the public...

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