11 July 2014

Day 4

Day 4 has been a further lesson in 'everything you were ever taught about journalism is a lie'. With the mass amount work we have produced, we have also realised that we have about the same amount of bad habits! This will naturally be cured by Roberta 'Kenneth Henshaw' Cohen, and it seems that having to deliver constant written pieces actually means you learn a whole lot.

It has been one of the most challenging days so far. Firstly we had to go out into the big bad world to get a bunch of vox pops by guest stars Diamond Mirali, Krystal Humphries and Slippery Sid. It turns out that part was actually quite fun. Secondly, we had to produce a rolling story where we would deliver a 200 word news piece every 20 minutes. I assure you this was very difficult, but at least we became well-acquainted with Roberta's alter ego Kenneth Henshaw for light relief.

We have quickly become familiar with staying in the office after-hours, as well as a constant delirious and nauseous feeling.

I still haven't cried.

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