26 July 2014

Day 20 and we're sharing the love.

Today has been a rather loving day in the Press Association office. Tom has been reading us his poetry, and Rosie has announced how much she loves it when Kaltrina randomly bursts into song. Kasia has come to perch on my knee and we've all been bonding over old-school R&B. We've also taken a little break to watch some of Beyoncé's visual album, which has produced a lot of love for Queen Bey from all of us (but especially from me, no surprises there).

Saturdays are reserved for grammar and 1-2-1s, but Roberta let us off grammar today so we could catch up on the mountains of work we have to do. I won't lie, I'm feeling pretty good that I got three whole pieces of work accepted today (only a million left to go).

We decided to treat ourselves to a family trip out for lunch, and to appease Blayne and I we went to Nandos. This also meant we could pop Rudy's Nando's cherry, which was LONG overdue. He doesn't look so overjoyed at his butterfly breast burger, but I know he was feeling the joy on the inside.

In fact, I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the wonder that is our editor, Rudy Katoch. The way he phrases even the most normal concepts is just unreal:
- “It's just really crap when you go on Tinder and they're really hot, then on their last picture they're holding a rat”
- “Imma take a moment and eat this croissant”
- “and the fact that we can write skank in shorthand”
- “Not so much boobs for me”
- “I do mantras in my head: 'I am a happy journalist, I will be a successful journalist'.”
- “I produce so much heat, but inside I have this icy sway”
- “actually I don't find bears attractive”
And finally, my personal favourite: “So I was in the toilet cubicle doing these power stances before my Press Association interview. You guys didn't even know I was going through the cray... you should all try it.”
I feel so inspired.

So today we've written up features, researched some more features, chatted to real-life cosplayers, started several re-subs, discussed the pros and cons of tarot cards, been inspired by the glorious vision that is Beyoncé, taken some fun photo booth snaps, I've had a power nap on the floor and we have even managed to have a tasty lunch break in-between.

All in all, a pretty good day I'd say.

We're not in until 11am tomorrow, which means I don't have to get up until at least 9am. This will be the biggest lie-in any of us have had in the past three weeks.. I don't think we quite know what to do with ourselves. I think a celebratory post-work drink may be in order.

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