08 July 2014

Day 2

One day in and several things are already pretty clear:
1. The fun of commuting lasted about five minutes. Travelling to Victoria during rush hour is bad enough; then try navigating around the diversions caused by building works and nearly getting run over by big red buses.. it's something we could all do without first thing in the morning.

2. The coffee machine may be cheap as chips at 10p, but it tastes like dishwater. It’s definitely best to stretch your wallet to a 99p white filter from Pret.

3. We’re becoming far too comfortable with one another already. I think we’ve realised that we are basically going to be shacking up together for the next nine weeks, so we might as well fast-track the friendship thing. I realise I don’t sound very excited about this, but I’m just playing it cool here. You’re all LOVELY.

4. While we may feel like Einstein for mastering the basic principles of shorthand, there is a long, LONG way to go before we can join those little squiggles together to form actual sentences.

5. Apparently everything we have been taught in previous education is wrong. So all those years at university have been really helpful, then. Sigh.

6. There is no easy answer to the question ‘What Is News?’ – just noting down the basics used up four pages of A4.

7.  In fact, we’re all going to be spending so much time discovering what news is that we will no longer have any form of a social life.

8. We’re going to be tired. Very tired.

I think I’m just going to set up a little bed in the corner of the computer room now. I’ll save money on the commute, and I’ll get a few minutes extra shut-eye. It’s a win-win situation, really.

I have no fun pictures of the day to include, so instead, here's a sassy elephant to make us all smile (Kaltrina, I know it's cute but please don't cry):

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