26 July 2014

Day 14 (but actually, it's Day 20, so I'll talk about that)

Shot by Kasia Hastings. Music by Lana Del Rey, 'Brooklyn Baby' (2014). Edited by Rudy Katoch.

Hi, it's Rudy and I was meant to write to you a week ago! But, like you'll see, I've been a tad busy. 

Oh yeah, Kasia took that video of me and Olivia chilling on Day 12 and that was eight days ago. (Here's Liv's great blog post from earlier this evening!) We were out in Victoria shooting for a feature as part of our video editing and production project. We nailed our shoot and will edit our vox pops piece on Monday. It was just over a week ago, but I can't help but feel nostalgic. 

Pamela Coleman Smith, 
Ten of Wands (1910)
To put things into context: I'm currently writing two covering letters; a 750-word feature on the sharing economy; Googling the nearest Rymans to buy notecards to revise media law; resubmitting three features and 20 news stories for approval; as well as, drilling ten chapters worth of shorthand special outlines and word groupings.

And that's just the work. I forgot to add: breathing, eating, and, oh yeah: sleeping.

Refusing to say no; having to work overtime (it's 21:00 on a Saturday and we're still in the office); being held accountable; finding that nothing should come easy.

This constellation of stuff can all be seen illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith. This archetype is something we all face at differing points in our lives. For me, this course is one of those few experiences which is pushing me.

The fact is: it's felt by everyone else. 

I'm starting to understand that this shared experience is part of the charm of training at the Press Association

The upshot of this is that friendships  that would naturally take months to develop  blossom within days.

To be honest with you, the expectation that I'd be able to talk about anything remotely esoteric, or deep, or jokes, with anyone, was non-existent. And yet, here I am: laughing every day. Swaying and craying. Going to Nando's. Listening to Beyoncé. And with the humour turning blacker by the day, everyone is just on point.

The late nights, the lack of sleep, the ever-mounting amount of work: the only real challenge is trying to remain as chic as Delon throughout. 

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