17 July 2014

Day 11: The tiredness takes over.

My journey home last night took an extra hour. This may or may not be because I fell asleep stood on the platform at London Bridge, and was completely unaware of my train passing by. I’m still not quite sure how that’s even possible; I think I may be developing narcolepsy.

The tiredness has been building up for a while now, but today we’ve hit a wall. I’m considering pitching for a scheduled daily nap time to help our bodies adjust to this hectic working life.

Our 8.30am shorthand sessions with Richard are strangely an enjoyable start to the day. I swear deciphering little squiggles shouldn't be this relaxing?! The rest of the day was dedicated to blogging, taught by the lovely Jules. No pressure for this post to be absolutely fantastic, then. I really wouldn't get too excited.

I'll try to include some keywords to get those Google spiders scuttling off to spread news of this post around the Web. I might even follow that up with a quick check of the blog’s Google Analytics, just to see if those little spiders got the message. That’s right, I learned some stuff today. I actually can’t believe how much we’ve all learned in eleven days.
Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back guys and gals.

You would never expect to put nine opinionated, often loud and mostly cynical budding journalists in close confinement and expect it to go smoothly, yet it does. We spend the majority of our precious free time sat in our computer chairs having (usually very weird) in-depth conversations. These just tend to ramble on for so long that it’s then too late for a sly drink at the pub. This is really starting to get Tom down (he incessantly whines about it), so I’m making you a promise here that the pub will happen soon. Lord knows we could all do with a drink (or seven).

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