07 July 2014



In the beginning there were nine and they were fresh faced and hopeful but they weren't journalists. The trainee journalists you'll be hearing from this summer are me (Kasia Hastings), Kaltrina Bylykbashi, Nicholas Dawson, Tom Johnson, Sam Allen, Rudy Katoch, Olivia McCreahedley, Blayne Pereira, and Rosie Clarke - that's if we make it past week one.

There was an exciting nervous energy at the Press Association this morning as lead course tutor Roberta Cohen's lambs came in for the slaughter. But what we didn't know is that Roberta had far greater plans for us than Sunday lunch's lamb chops. FYI the course starts as it means to go on, they mean business and every second I spend here the more of a journalist I feel. 

For our first task we turned our backs on the internet and took to the streets of Victoria to get the story on the local area. Whilst it was important for Blayne to ascertain the whereabouts of the nearest Nandos, what this really taught us is that far better information can be acquired by actually getting out there and speaking to people. (And as we now know this means it's the best way of getting a new angle for your news story too, even if it means actually talking to real people - AH!)

After day one I'm feeling suitably scared and excited but actually far less panicked than I thought I'd be (I expect that'll come later). It's nice to feel fully committed to something that is equally committed to me. And since we've sized each other up and exchanged follows on twitter I'm feeling pretty happy with the comrades I have beside me too. 

(Expect me to be a little more unhinged in my next blog post and naturally more entertaining- we can only hope) 

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