13 July 2014

8 Weeks Left (not that I'm counting)

Week one has come to an end. It has been long, hard, exhausting, overwhelming and stressful but these points do not outweigh how interesting, and (do I dare say) fun it has been so far. So if you're looking to do the course in the future don't let me put you off.

The hardest thing for me to do so far was to get everyone to the pub last night. At first we were all up for it but then Roberta was nice enough to give us more work for our "day off" and for some reason people's priorities changed. Still, most of us managed to go for one.

Today has been pretty hectic for me, I've spent a lot of time on public transport travelling to Hampstead and back, and not really knowing London this wasn't an easy task. I went there to get a story at the Alternative Commonwealth Games and once I found where it was being held it turned out to be pretty good. I even got an ice-lolly, which of course made my day. The only thing that spoiled my day was trying to get back to Woolwich which took a lot longer than I expected (about 3 hours) and I was late for a deadline on a different story. But only by half an hour so I'm hoping I will be forgiven.

Keep scrolling for an unnecessary amount of  hashtags under the picture of me looking stupid with my ice-lolly.

#selfie #sorrynotsorry #ice-lolly #summer #highlightofmyday #lemonade #Hampstead #stupidface #betterthanaduckface 

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