02 March 2014

Day 57

So turns out when I said my previous blog post was the last one I was being a muppet, this is in fact the final one. In keeping with my mea culpa of a beginning, I'd prefer to make this short and sweet. Not only because work seems to be piling up quite urgently in the home stretch, eroding my patience, but because I feel like I've said all the emotional and reflective stuff I wanted to already!

Each of us has became close because everybody's amazing, simple as that really. Cannot say how much more enjoyable everyone's friendliness has made this course for me.

The training was of course fascinating, as I've pointed out endlessly, and the people who run it do truly awesome things.

And I just needed to add, whatever happens, I know we're confident the skills PA teach will always give you an extra leg to stand on - no matter where your feet end up taking you.

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