07 February 2014

The Wise Words of Sean Oakley

We have hit a wall this week. We're taking every spare minute to 'get on the phone!' and send off countless emails to contacts, in the hope that somewhere down the line a feature will emerge. As Fred said yesterday, it's like the night before you hand in your dissertation EVERY DAY.

But there is one man who keeps us laughing throughout and that man is Sean Oakley. Just like his idol, the Buddha, he imparts his spirituality and wisdom on us daily. Here are some of his best quotes:

  • "I went down to the sea every morning and just watched the fish, and they really spoke to me. Fish have feelings and personalities."
  • "I have no problem with polyamorous relationships. No it's not the same thing as a threesome!"
  • [When doing shorthand dictation] "Sponge...sponge bath!"
  • [When doing shorthand dictation] "Fleece...golden fleece!"
  • [When doing shorthand dictation] "Wand...you're a wizard Harry!"
  • What did you do for your news story Sean? "I just went down to the Buddhist temple and hung out with the monks."
  • "What are you doing tonight? Because I'm just going to the House of Commons if you want to come?"
  • "Pottery is an ancient art - do not diss!"
  • "I've gotta take this call, it's Special Branch."
  • "I'm allowed to talk about spirituality more than that travel writer because she doesn't use it in the correct sense and I do."
  • "I'm just going to slip out for a bit" [doesn't come back for 3 hours].
  • "I know a guy who grows chillis in Polynesia."
  • "Does anyone want to get a pizza/curry with me?"
  • "I want a tattoo on my back of a Buddhist wheel...it would look so epic, like spiritual warrior vibe."
  • "This article is so bourgeois!"
Long may he continue.



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