10 February 2014

Last one standing?

Over halfway through the course and there just seems to be a never-ending pile of work to do at the moment. Four of us were even in on Sunday catching up. I say catching up but it was mostly messing around drawing pictures and filing through a resub or something for the magazine every couple of hours.

Talking of the magazine, we have reached deadline week and it's going to be pretty intense over the next five days as we finish writing up all of our copy and designing the layout. But one constant that we won't miss out on this week is lovely shorthand. I passed 40wpm last week and seem to be on course to pass 50wpm soon so I'm quite happy with my progress.

Elsewhere over the last week we spent time learning all about how to make our own website on WordPress, using HTML coding if so desired. We spent tons of time doing sub-editing with Keith, and it seems to be a bit of a head scratcher for most of us but I shall persist!

And I went for a job interview with Meat Trades Journal in Crawley on Friday. The interview itself went as well as I think it could have gone, it was just the journey there and back that didn't! Crawley should take 45 minutes to get to on the train from London Victoria, but unfortunately there were broken down trains at both Balham and Gatwick, which meant that I had to get various combinations of other trains, buses and taxis around London, Redhill in Surrey, Three Bridges and Crawley for three hours each way. Still, I got there in the end and I was very grateful to have had the interview experience at the very least.

That's about all I'm going to have time to write this week, so I'll sign out with a video from one of the acts in the latest series of The Big Reunion, as it's pretty much the only hour of the week where I take a break from working to throw myself into something else. I'm sure we've all long awaited the comeback of one flop wonder Girl Thing after all! And the lyrics seem pretty apt for this week.

Standby for my review of the Big Reunion gig in two weeks, last year's equivalent was a popular post on my personal blog and I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing Eternal and A1!


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