21 February 2014

He's on the phone

Time for my 5th blog out of 6 and it's crazy how quickly time has flown by. This week we're all on placement so I shall take the opportunity to talk about that.

I'm at PrintWeek, based inside a converted church in between Brixton and Herne Hill. It's approximately five minutes walk from my house. This is a bit of a score as when I applied for the placement I thought it was still based in Hammersmith. So instead of having a significantly longer journey than I have to PA, it's a much shorter one, giving me an hour extra in bed each day for two weeks! Woo! Except for next Wednesday when I'm due to have a long day trip up to Birmingham for the Packaging Innovations show. It's a bit strange after seeing everyone every day for six weeks to suddenly be flying alone. Well, almost. Hywel is based at HR Magazine which is about 10 feet behind me in the office! And Laura is upstairs in the same building!

Having spent most of the week on the phone pretending to know everything about the print industry, (my speciality is 3D printing, not 2D printing!!!) I'm already good friends with three or four packaging companies. CS Labels even sent me a very exciting sample pack of a variety of sticky labels in the post. What a perk of the job! Anyway, I've very much enjoyed the placement so far. I haven't been short of work to do. So far in five days I think I've researched and written eight separate news stories, most of which have been published on the website (and some are due to be). And I'm underway with two very different styles of features. So I'll likely spend the majority of next week writing those, when I'm not in lovely Birmingham. The team are really nice too, very welcoming and have given me a lot of advice and help when I've needed it, I've never felt like a spare part here.

Back to the course and there is still an absolute ton of work to be getting on with. It's lucky that it only takes me five minutes to get home this week because once I've got through the door it's back on with another 'to do list'. Admittedly Tuesday night I went out instead, to a music industry networking event, all very valuable - I sort of verbally lined up a bit of potential freelancing for the future. But the other nights I've been settling down to a couple of hours of shorthand (determined not to plateau at 70wpm, but if it happens it happens), writing a feature about the pie industry in the north west of England (there's a very long and boring reason behind this, I'm not just weird!), and today I'm finalising my advance obituary for a famous singer who I shall not disclose just in case she somehow saw this!

On top of that there's still the course app/website to finish, job applications to write, a mountain of sub-editing resubs, revision for a load of exams, and so much more! And Roberta can look forward to my 500 word review of The Big Reunion gig. But first I need to actually go to it, and those are my plans for this evening!

I can't believe it's two weeks today until the end of the course but I shall have my final blog post up in the last week, I'm sure you're making a note in your diary already! Until then, adios!

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