05 February 2014

4 weeks gone and...wow 4 weeks really. As you may have guessed time has flown but even in such a short period of time there are some routines that have started to develop/ become woven into the rich tapestry of everyday life on the PMA course.

1. I will get us started. I'm not quite sure how but i have got myself into the habit of buying a muffin or (sometimes and) a pain au chocolat EVERY morning and i mean every. It has gotten so bad that people know I'm in from the rustle of my pastry bad rather than my voice. What can i say i like muffins!

2. Falafel Wednesday! There is a market about 5 minuets away from the PA that has many things. However after a day 1 recommendation from Keith Wednesday has now become Falafel day and not gonna lie its pretty damn good!

3. The most dangerous routine that has developed however is without a doubt dangerous drinking Fridays!! Some of you may be familiar with this but for those who aren't it is the concept that you go straight from work to the pub without any food. Results have varied wildly but there is a pretty guaranteed hangover for Saturday!

4. Last but far from least is the quick crossword in the G2. It started with just me and Hywel but now more and more people get involved. We are currently on a pretty good run of finishing them. Although apparently it makes us look like sweet old men......

That's all from me for another 11 days! and now back to work......

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