21 January 2014

Yo no soy marinero, soy capitan!

The above is a quote from the wonderful Ritchie Valens' La Bamba. It means 'I am not a sailor, I am the captain'.

It's a reference to the fact that these absolute fools have decided that I should edit the app and website we're creating. I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about that over the coming weeks. Thank God I have the incredibly talented Alexandra and Katie as my deputy and news editor respectively.

The features editor is still to be announced. Sean won't shut up about it, I think he's keen to get the job. Good luck to him I say!

What else have this motley crew been up to in the last 11 days? More than you thought humanly possible of course! Do you think we've just been hanging around sorting out Sarah's dating life? There's more to life than that. I'd say some days it doesn't even take up more than 60% of our time.

1. I have had something named after me. Fantastic, what an honour! What is it you ask? Well, rather shamefully it's getting so horribly drunk that you don't shut up about your tragic life and wander off at train stations... Oh well, better than nothing I suppose. Except obviously it's not.

2. Love was all around on international hugging day. We scared some people on the street by having a spontaneous hug-fest after a particularly fraught meeting to discuss the direction of the app. Well worth everyone thinking we were either old-school rave casualties or part of a friendly but incredibly creepy cult. Rich didn't hug his favourite receptionist though. A chance missed I fear (God I hope she reads this blog!). Not all the hugs were quite as homoerotic as this, but let's just pretend they were...

3. You might want to be careful when people ask you to go to meet them casually to discuss a two week placement. They might just give you some sort of sneak interview for an actual proper job, as happened to me on Monday. I rocked up in my jeans and felt slightly ambushed, woefully underprepared and more than a bit embarrassed. Don't think I'll be getting that one then. Oh well, onwards and upwards...

4. Laura was let down by a homeless man. She has a genuinely kindhearted concern for those of no fixed abode. Sadly her rather touching faith in them was crushed when one chap stood her up for an interview they had previously arranged. Gainfully she has refused to be defeated and is attempting to speak to another. She has every Big Issue seller in London in her crosshairs now, God help them! Maybe talk to crazy 'tache guy, he looks a hoot...

Not much else from me this week. Take care all, don't 'pull a Hywel' whatever you do!

Hywel, out.

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