15 January 2014

Tube Journey

The first week is almost over and yeah its pretty hard work. But i think I already knew that before I started!

What I didn't know is how much I would be energised and focused by doing something that stretches and engages me. Don't get me wrong I am tired already but it's only when I stop to take a breath that tiredness sets it.

Let me give you an example. Last night I was travelling back from the Associated Press which is a longer journey than some have but not a difficult journey for a hardened Londoner like myself. I live around Highgate and I only need to change once at Euston and get on a train going to High Barnet. Nice and easy most of the time...

However last night a journey that should take 30 mins (max!) took double that time. I missed my change at Euston and then AGAIN at Kings Cross! Instead I had to wait till Highbury and Islington to get the Victoria line back to Euston and change. Before proceeding to get myself lost in Euston like the tourists I have so shot given withering looks at (but never will again). I only realised I was then on the wrong train going to Edgware when I ended up in Belsize Park... so then had to go back over the platform and change once more at camden JUST to get on the right train home. Anyone who was watching CCTV cameras of the Tube that night probably had a right good laugh!!

I guess what I am trying to say is that whilst this course may be making me a better journalist i think it's making me a worse Londoner...  

(Note: this was written a while back hence why there have been blogs from the second week....im not mad promise!....ok maybe only a little)

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