09 January 2014

Things We Have Learned This Week (Now With Added GIFS)

So the first week is almost over. Time to take a breath (despite the fact we're in at nine tomorrow!) and think about what we've let ourselves in for. After a fairly gentle first couple of days it's fair to say the pace has picked up pretty rapidly. News has been the subject this week. It feels like we've learned more about news writing than any of us thought there was to know.

I am not going to talk about shorthand as I feel like the others have that covered. Apologies to all shorthand enthusiasts, please feel free to tune out at this stage. I'm not a total monster though, so here's a little treat to send you on your way...

So what exactly have we learned this week? Far too much to cram into these pages and bore you with. I will try to give you the condensed highlights.

1) While the first week is busy, it's manageable. If there are things you want to do in the evening you should do them. It already feels like it may be the last chance.

2) The first few assignments are designed for you to fail. This isn't a bad thing. Don't beat yourself up or get downhearted. Take all the comments on board and see them as useful tools to improve your work. Don't think it means you're terrible and you must re-think your decision immediately. The tutors all tell you that no one gets an article through first time. Despite this, I think secretly (even if they won't admit it) everyone thinks maybe they'll be the one to do it. You won't be, but that's okay. Even Neo didn't make the jump first time, and he really was the chosen one.


3) Get organised early. You'll get folders to store your work into. After writing two short articles you feel like you'll have time to do your admin later, but you won't. If you don't get all your paperwork in order first up you're just making a lot of work for yourself down the line. I really can't stress this enough.

4) Meeting new people is fun. I can honestly say I've really enjoyed being around this group so far. I'm not going to do the Big Brother thing of saying 'oh my god we're all going to be best friends for, like, ever'. I'm sure that in 8 weeks we'll all be at each other's throats, but I'm trying not to think about that now.

5) If you take one thing away from this post make it this. Get a pen, tattoo it on your arm, take all means necessary never to forget this information.


Okay, here it is...


Thanks all.

Hywel, out.

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