19 January 2014

Rich's top 22 favourite things of the second week

Round two of blogging and this week we've learnt that an inviting list is randomly numbered. Think about Buzzfeed's most effective articles - top 16 Harry Styles jumping gifs, top 25 reasons Rihanna is amazing at giving shade etc...so here are my top 22 favourite things that happened this week, in nice easy to understand list form:

1) Fraping or Facebook hijack - So far two of us have fallen foul to the art of logging into somebody else's Facebook and changing it - me and Hywel. We won't be the last, it's incredibly easy to forget to log out of all of your accounts on the computer before leaving the room! Watch out Sam, you're next!

2) My erratic working habits - I seem to have fallen into a routine that I don't recommend whereby I'll do one hour of work one night, and then realising that I'm falling behind, do eight hours the next. Should probably spread that out a bit better.

3) Fred Heritage's playlist - Fred, Sarah and I decided to make a podcast about the BRITs. Fred presented the affair with in depth questions such as 'who is the sexiest on the nominations list' and 'are you happy with One Direction's success?'. It was good fun and resulted in some brilliant soundbites in amongst our nine minute interview that had to be pared back to two minutes...

4) Bob Marley! - ...One of which was from Sarah. We'd printed out a list of the top 200 albums of last year for discussion points and Sarah felt that the long departed Bob Marley should be up for album of the year with his ancient compilation album Legend. Bob popped up again in conversation later in the week when Hywel controversially claimed not to be a fan of his music! Ooh controversial!

5) Ooh controversial! - ...Fred's best soundbite meanwhile was 'ooh...controversial' segment that could be so easily pasted anywhere in the podcast. Perhaps after Sarah's 'I love Arctic Monkeys because they're northern... cut to 'ooh...controversial' wasn't the most appropriate stylistic choice, but we found it funny!

6) Live blogging with Jules - The excellent Jules taught us how to live blog this week. Our theme was imagining that the Titanic was happening in 2014 and thinking about how social media would have changed the way that the event was reported. My article involved passenger Celine Dion posting pictures to Tumblr of the ship sinking and fellow passenger Jack Dawson Tweeting after being rescued on a lifeboat (that SHOULD have been the ending of the film - right?)

7) Sean appearing in my dream - I dreamt that I'd gone back to work at Asda and for some reason the changing rooms/locker rooms had been made unisex. While I was getting changed, Sean was somewhere in the background chatting to girls getting dressed. Then I pretty much woke up!

8) Social media with Darshan - I learnt at least 100 new things about how to make good use of social media this week. I now have so many fresh ideas for my blog and have accounts on platforms I never knew existed - about.me and Storify to name two.

9) Fire alarm - Tuesday's at 10am PA have a fire alarm test. Except it went off at 9am and it wasn't a test. Cue lots of trainees - NOT students - lining up outside for an hour and a half with no money! Keith and Roberta kindly took us to Pret to warm up a short while later though! As for the fire...we never really found out that much about it, quite ironic considering it happened at the Press Association!

10) Let's go for a drink 2.0 and 3.0 - Last Friday was our first night out as a group. It turned from a one off into a potential trend when most of us went out again two nights ago for another social. And as that wasn't enough we went to celebrate Alexandra's birthday yesterday night to make it three in eight days! The pubs of Victoria are already getting used to us!

11) Hywel the editor - This week we selected who would have the top roles on our yet to be named magazine. Hywel was democratically chosen as the editor, Alexandra as deputy editor and Katie as news editor. Brilliant choices all round and I'm sure they'll all be brilliant!

12) Romance - Two weeks in and as we've all been spending so much time in each other's pockets it was surely inevitable that we would end up either hating each other or spreading the love. Thankfully it's definitely the latter and there are lots of romances and bromances going round. But that's enough about my slightly awkward crush on the receptionist who works weekday afternoons/early evenings (hi if you're reading this!)

13) Black and black - it was noted this week that I tend to only wear black. I threw in a curveball on Wednesday and Thursday by switching my shirt and tie for a t-shirt, black of course though. Must try harder next week. (Must buy some new clothes first!)

14) FaceTiming the dog - One thing about not having any free time is the fact that you practically have to cut off your social life, as Amy put it in her post. I only just found time to FaceTime my dog Bubbles this week! She didn't really understand it - how could she hear my voice and why wasn't I in the room with her? She pondered all of these questions from the arm of the sofa.

15) Michael Peel - This week we made our first video, and myself, Sarah and Mr Heritage decided to do a project on controversial art. We interviewed political artist Michael Peel and he was a thoroughly welcoming and interesting chap. I also fell in love with both his house and the whole area of Clapham, where he lived.

16) Vox pops and piece to camera - And then the following day we went to film Sarah's excellent piece to camera to intro the piece, before going along to St Martin's Place to get some vox pops, which proved to be more hassle than it was worth - it seems that there were a lot of rude people out and about yesterday, including a street artist telling us to 'get lost as it was his spot'. 'It's a public place' he exclaimed! 'Quite' we said, we had just as much right to be there!

17) Placement sorted - Thanks to PrintWeek who have agreed to have me for two weeks in February. It looks really interesting with lots to learn and the editor Darryl sent me a comprehensive list of what I'll be doing for both of the weeks, which is really helpful and interesting to know! As an added plus, I've only just realised that PrintWeek HQ is only five minutes walk from my house!

18) Shorthand - We will...go...to...the...park...with...Susan...and...i will...join...you. It will...be...chilly. (change the Y to an I in chilly - and if the L goes up...the I goes up).

19) Sarah's impressions and accents - They're amazing. 'Nuff said.

20) No need to resubmit - the words that everyone dreams about reading. Until this week, none of us had handed in any pieces of work that hadn't needed to be resubmitted to be fit for publication. We all got some this week, and I managed to get through both stories that I wrote on Sunday first time. These were from an event that we had to go to and write about from a different angle/topic altogether. So I was very happy about that!

21) Overground - not underground - I've quickly discovered that my favourite way of getting from my home in Brixton to the course in Victoria, is via the National Rail train. It takes five minutes and it's practically door to door. Plus there's no ten minutes of shuffling out of the tube station in rush hour the other end, what's not to love! Laura gets the same train as me most days, I'm yet to actually see her ON the train but we usually bump into each other on the platform.

22) What should Lauren blog about? - I've Googled potential things that Lauren could start a blog about and this website tells me that these topics are THE best things to talk about:

1) Real-life stories
2) Life lessons
3) Current events
4) LinkedIn groups
5) Competitors blogs

Alternatively, something like this is pretty cool, if extremely geeky! Sam meanwhile will soon be launching his blog for people that don't like blogs!

So there we have it, week two of the Press Association course in a nutshell! And before I sign out, here's something for Amy #garedleto

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