15 January 2014

News, Views, Farts And Rafe Spall's Penis

There was a strange, angry odour coming from the corner of the Postgrad magazine journalism news room this evening. Sean Oakley was suffering from intestinal gas issues whilst reading out his 'Mercedes' rewrite in an Indian accent and sipping a cider. PA will be looking into his behaviour first thing in the morning.

"Fred Heritage, BBC News."


"I just can't stop thinking about Rafe Spall's penis!"

Those were some of the first gems of wisdom the class of 2014 heard from lead tutor Roberta Cohen.


The point being that sometimes it doesn't matter how odd the subject matter is, you can still make it into a story.

While the class quickly googled said actor's penis on the Wikipedia penis page, Roberta taught us about the drive to be first, to get the scoop, how to push to get the best story and how not to get drunk and return your breakfast into an exotic plant pot whilst on a press trip in a five-star hotel abroad.

These were skills we had to put into action over the weekend, when we were tasked with 'finding' a new story from a London event. The exercise was a great success for some in the group, with Richard Stuart-Turner bagging a brace and getting both of his stories through first time. Back of the net!

Sam Waddicor and Rich now lead the league table with three stories through each (which is is a good job because Rich will never be anywhere near the top of the news quiz). Whilst Fred I-have-the-perfect-name-for-news Heritage, Sean Oakley, Amy Gravelle and Hywel Roberts are languishing in the relegation zone with 13 stories in various stages of re-submission.

News re-subs aside, the course seems to be going well for pretty much the whole group. Spirits are high despite the Roberta Cohen (7-days a week) work ethic. Today we learnt about social media with the lovely Darshan, whilst also trying to firm up interviews for Friday's video package. Although I do worry about Sean. Apart from displaying his vast knowledge of hemp this was Sean's observation today: "Everywhere I look I keep seeing dicks!"............ Class: "Er, thanks Sean."

Tomorrow we have online news and blogging which we are all looking forward to. Oh. And a shorthand test. Joy.

"Fred Heritage, Sky News"

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