31 January 2014


Hello all

So here we are. We are nearing the end of the fourth week of our course and no one can quite work out where the time has gone. 

We have gone from green journalistic recruits to hardened veterans of the PMA trenches. Design on the app has begun, a few of us have had interviews and generally things are intense.

I was one of those going for an interview. This was my second and needless to say it was hilariously shambolic.

With this in mind, here are my four top tips to interview success PMA style!

1. Stop to think about how you're actually going to enter the building. I arrived in plenty of time, only to be thwarted by a buzzer that wouldn't work. After a prolonged mime conversation with the receptionist I worked out the real buzzer was outside. This got me rather flustered and was sadly to set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

2. Being a bumbling fool will make attractive Eastern European receptionists laugh. A lot. Take a moment to enjoy this. However, try to make sure you're not both in fits of hysterics when your interviewer first sees you. This may lead to awkward questions such as "What have you done to our receptionist?". This isn't the first impression you want to give. Obviously it's exactly what happened to me...

3. So far so good. The next part is pretty important. Give a good account of yourself in the interview. One thing the PMA course will do is prepare you incredibly well for these occasions. Use the tutors as much as possible. They are more than willing to give up their time and help you in any way you need. Whatever the result of my interview, I know it went a lot better than it would have done without their help. Anyway...

4. Nosey people can be useful. I somehow managed to get myself trapped in a dark room trying to leave. Both doors available to me were locked. I was standing in the dark, hoping someone would pop their head round to see what was going on. 10 minutes passed and no one did. At this stage I made the decision I was going to have to ring the guy who just interviewed me because I was stuck in the building. It took me a further ten minutes to find his phone number on an email on my phone.

Keen mathematicians among you will have worked out 20 minutes had passed by this stage. 20 minutes in which the interviewer thought I had left and had probably forgotten I even existed. I plucked up the courage to call him. After two rings I finally saw someone come round the corner and he let me out. I left and thought I'd got away with it. Sadly the interviewer saw my missed call and called me back. I had to own up to the whole thing. He didn't sound impressed....

So there we have it. Another super awesome day on planet earth!

Take care!

Hywel, out

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