30 January 2014

How to make shorthand fun...

I'm starting this blog post with an apology, which seems to be a recurring theme. The reason being is that I've 'done a Laura' and fallen really behind on the blogging schedule. Drat.

My excuse for falling behind is that I've been working so hard on my shorthand...more on that in a moment. This week we've resorted to therapy sessions after hours, for those of us who are starting to crumble under pressure. Sarah and Rich have definitely become the chief counsellors and I'm starting to think the world of psychotherapy could use their expertise.

We've also been perfecting the art of shorthand and it's slowly getting harder and harder. So to cheer us all up Richard (our shorthand tutor) made us transcribe the lyrics to the Carpenters 'Sing a Song'. We had some giggles and have officially commandeered the hashtag #shorthandbants - we love witty shorthand jokes here.

Here's the Carpenters 'Sing a Song' in full for you. Don't say I never spoil you on my blog posts...

Until next time!

Amy x

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