30 January 2014

Gameshow: Don't Forget Your Dit-Dits

We're almost at the end of week 4 and it's fair to say that I'm absolutely shattered. I'm lucky to get six hours sleep a night and it shows in the mornings, although I generally feel more alert by lunchtime. The workload is getting bigger and even more intense and the days are getting longer, but I still feel that I've learnt a ton and I already feel a lot more confident about applying for journalism jobs. There are almost too many highlights to mention, and I'm sure that I'm making memories every day of this course. This week we've learnt sub-editing, InDesign and Photoshop and found out the title of our magazine, all in three days! And said magazine is well underway.

Anyway, after my last marathon blog effort, I decided that I don't have the time to better it, so instead I thought I'd go for a different approach for my week 4 musings. One of Richard's favourite catchphrases (the shorthand tutor, not me) is the iconic 'don't forget your dit-dits', so with that in mind I've created a gameshow based on this course with that very name! Play along here and see what score you can get!


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