16 January 2014

Day... I can't remember

Tiredness is successfully handing the baton over to delirium for us Postgrads now, as too much watery coffee and not enough sleep means every day now feels like the day before a dissertation hand-in. But, despite the mounting workload, we all seem to be enjoying ourselves (or resigning ourselves to our collective fate).

After two informative days being taught by Darshan, a shorthand session this morning was followed by a day with Jules at the helm, introducing us to the magical world of online news and blogging. You might be thinking blogging is not something you learn, it's just something you do, but you'd be WRONG. Blogging is an art... Ye? And after today I feel I have the tools and the confidence to create a masterpiece to rival the work of even the greatest living artist........Tony Hart.

Some things to keep in mind about writing online:

  1. Be clear, not clever
  2. Don't mislead the user 
  3. Be specific, not general
  4. Shorter is usually better 
  5. Make it easy to 'scan' read 
  6. Lists are good
  7. Include a 'call to action'
  8. Don't use cliches 
  9. Avoid unknown acronyms 
  10. Always wear a cape   
Ok, that last one I made up, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt.

We have learnt a lot in the last few days about how the world of journalism is changing, seemingly for the better. The internet has opened up exciting new avenues for journalists that have yet to be fully explored. After trepidation about approaching this field of work, I feel increasingly confident that the technological revolution presents more possibilities and opportunities for journalists, not fewer.

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