08 January 2014

Casepost, shorthand and the Sainsbury's Market

Three days into the course and things are starting to get a little more routine. Realising how long it takes to get up and get to Victoria from Brixton for one - not long is the answer, 25 minutes door to door and I gave myself two hours to do everything on the first day. Needless to say I turned up about an hour early on Monday. Nice and efficient but sleep is important too and I've now moved my alarm clock back to 7am. I managed to sleep through that alarm today but don't worry! My second alarm went off at 7.10 and I leapt into action and still managed to get here 20 minutes early. Score!

And what of the course? It's a LOT to take in. In the first three days we've done various tasks such as going out in Victoria finding out the answers to various questions without the use of internet - surely impossible in this day and age? the best find was when Sam and I stumbled upon the Sainsbury's Market, two streets away from PMA which was an impressive branch of the supermarket chain styled to look like an indoor market but actually appearing more as a normal branch with but without a pretty ceiling (pipes dangling everywhere apparently give it a more organic feel!).

Tuesday was our first shorthand session (eeek but at least I have a vague knowledge of it from about four years ago - shame that none of it seems to have stuck! How could I have forgotten the hundreds of 'special outlines' and anything beyond Unit 6?). And then Keith introduced us to news - how to source it, how to write it and what readers look for in a story. Before long we'd started writing our own stories and rewording press releases and we've already submitted four pieces without me even realising that it was that many!

I can certainly see how the pressure will build over the coming weeks with the creating of a digital magazine and app from scratch, daily doses of shorthand and reading every bit of news possible so that you don't come last on the news quiz. For the record I was joint first on Monday and dead last on Tuesday so I clearly need to read the news EVERY day and not just some days! That's not to mention organising a placement, applying for jobs and trying to remember to update my own neglected blog as well as this one. But it's all starting to fall into place and I won't take Roberta's red pen of rejection to heart, I'm sure that I'll crack this Casepost story by the 15th attempt.

Meanwhile I managed to give myself an impressive half an hour of relaxation time last night, which was naturally used for watching Eastenders and chatting with my lovely elder housemate who even offered to iron my shirts - how kind of him but of course I've thought ahead by buying non-iron shirts!  Everyone else will have no doubt gone home to watch Keith's recommended programme about immigration on the BBC, apart from Sarah who was keen to learn all about Michael Jackson's autopsy on Channel 5!

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