13 January 2014

7 days, 1,000,000 resubs

"We'll have to resub it again anyway."
"Oh my God I'm like 50 words over."
"When will we ever get an article back which doesn't need improving?!"
"Does anyone have 10p I can borrow?"
"Classic Sean."

Fact: these are the most commonly heard phrases at the PMA course. We are seven days in (and yes, that does include the weekend) and so far, none of us has managed to get a submission back with a tick in that holiest of boxes: "Usable with minor amendments (no need to resubmit)"

Alas, it feels as if the minute we clear our to-do lists, a ton of new work lands back on our desks. But it really is incredible how much information we've managed to soak up in just a week.

Today started with a real-life genuine press conference. Well, a practise one (not practice - WE MUST LEARN OUR HOMONYMS). I'd say what it was about, but I'm pretty sure that would be breaking the confidentiality agreement I signed. Anyway we asked some difficult questions that annoyed the spokespeople, which in my mind makes for a pretty good press conference.

The main bulk of the day was spent learning about video production with Tom. Tom reminded me of a very good looking Phil Mitchell: bald and a bit scary. What I thought would be a day of pointing and shooting a £50 digital camera turned out to be a day of apertures, white balance, boom mikes and composition with cameras I don't even want to know the price of.

The day was rounded off in classic PMA fashion: a news quiz (to make us doubt our ability to read the papers) and a thick pile of work which needs to be resubmitted (to make us inwardly cry a little and sulk back towards the computer room.)

And so the to-do list grows once more.

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