12 November 2013

The wonderful world of subbing

Do you know the difference between active and passive?

What about there, they're and their?

How about when and where to use an apostrophe?

I didn't know any of this. Now I do. I seem to have turned into a grammar machine throwing out full stops here and taking out redundant words there. I AM TURNING CRAZY. I mean, how is it possible to fall in love with english grammar? This course has officially made me insane.

However - and this is a big however - never have I ever experienced such a useful day in my life. It's incredible how taking out some words and replacing long words with shorter ones can make an article more direct in the sense it has a stronger impact. Yes, here at PMA we love an article with impact. Gotta get the viewers viewing ya know.

Hmmmm, so what else is going on here at the Press Association office. Well, we are all finding out our placements this week and are nervous to say the least. All the questions are running through our minds:

- What publication will we be working for?
- What will the people be like?
- Will I have a lot of work?
- How will I get there?

And most importantly...

- Are there nice restaurants around the area? (I hope so)

Moreover, the website goes live on Thursday. To be honest, I can't even discuss this or type about it without getting stressed out, so I'm going to stop here.

Here's to another crazy week which is about to begin....

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