05 November 2013


There is a feeling of panic immersing the group. A swarm of post-it notes have engulfed Macs and the ringing of phones have become ever louder and more frequent in our effort to rein in our last stories.

We spent this morning with Andrew, our media law tutor, who taught us about privacy and defamation. We have learnt that it would be unacceptable to leap into a celebrities garden and take photos of them relaxing with their wife and children as this is an invasion of privacy under the EU human rights laws. But if we snapped a photo of a celebrity, who condones drug use, snorting drugs in a public place, that would be in the publics interest and we could use the photo and run a story.

We are now piecing together all the news we have, ordering them in the importance of large or short stories. These will be ready for when we upload them to the website, which we should begin developing in the next few days. The group has a large amount of news and the launch of the website is going to be a success (I am keeping positive).

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