18 October 2013

We were robbed of fajitas.

As you can tell from the picture, today we went out and visited the Diversity Careers Show in Covent Garden, to gather some news for the Go Apprentice magazine. Due to us dropping like flies, one by one as the course goes on, we were missing Seetal and Nick for our trip.

Compared to our last venture out to find some news, we managed to find the venue relatively easily. Well...  Mollie, Laurence and Sasha did. Myself and Zaina decided to take the stairs at Covent Garden station, not realising how serious Sasha was when she said people had died attempting to make the climb to the top.

To our delight there was lots for us to find out, and so we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Maxwell's after leaving. Mollie got a little emotional at Laurence saying some nice things about the group, and Sasha invited us all for a dinner with her family at her house, isn't that lovely.

We came back after lunch to media law... which wasn't as mentally draining as we were expecting. Personally I enjoy law but that didn't stop me from perfecting my doodling skills and as I looked around, everybody else seemed to have the same idea.

I think everybody feels like we are starting to make some real progress with the magazine. In my opinion it can be amazing, a few fairly big companies at the convention seemed extremely excited by the project we're undertaking and that may have passed on to me.

office antics, an unimpressed Mollie.

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