16 October 2013

The wonderful world of media law

So, I think I can speak on behalf of the group when I say that we all expected media law to be bleurgh. I mean, how interesting can learning law be? I didn't sign up to this course to become a lawyer! Well, these were my original thoughts and expectations. However, media law (surprisingly) turned out to be very interesting.

The main focus of the talk was about defamation and how to prevent yourself from becoming a 'media criminal' I'm not going to go in to lots of detail about what we learnt because I left my notepad at the Press Association and you probably won't be bothered to read it all. To sum it up, we basically learnt that the main crime in writing is accusing someone of something or lying about something - as journalists, we must make sure we don't damage people's reputations. If we do, then we have to be prepared to £££ - spend the big bucks.

So, yeah, media law was very, very interesting and I'm actually looking forward to learning more about it on Friday. Who knows, maybe I could actually become a lawyer...

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