21 October 2013

"Put your social anxiety on hold!"

After a 4 day weekend (completely unintentional, I spent most of Thursday and Friday with my head in a toilet...) I arrived back at the office this morning ready to be all caught up with the work I missed while I was off sick.

After the heartfelt "are you feeling better?" conversations, I was told that we'd be going out round London to film voxpops. Oh, s**t. I forgot about that. My palms almost started sweating (knees weak, arms heavy) as I realised that I'd need to actually go out and talk to people. Even worse, strangers. And the icing on the cake was that it would be filmed. All part of the job, though! So I put my overwhelming fear at the back of my mind, and just focused on getting through the day one step at a time. After a few hours of learning about camera... stuff... from Tom, we set out in pairs to take on London with our own cleverly crafted questions about whatever. Laurence & I chose to (ironically) base our questions on fears and phobias, and headed to Piccadilly Circus.

I really tried the whole "excuse me, do you have a couple minutes to spare?" but it just didn't work out, so I stayed behind the camera while Laurence preyed on the unsuspecting victims of Piccadilly, trying to convince them to answer our questions. After two and a half hours of approaching strangers (and being rejected by what seemed like 98% of them) we finally had enough, and decided that 12 filmed voxpops was enough. We got some food, and then headed back to the office.

Everyone seemed pretty pleased with the days work, even if we were all completely drained. Tomorrow we need to edit all our footage down to about a two minute video, a task that we'll be focusing on all day.

Hopefully, we'll actually get a decent lunch break...

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