10 October 2013

Police treat ... no, not a doughnut

"We have a treat for you tomorrow," said Jules. A real-live press conference perhaps? Denzel Washington making a surprise appearance? Candy?! "The police will be joining us." Our faces froze. Jules' perception of a 'treat' clearly differs from ours. Hopefully they won't remember that time in the supermarket where I stole a bar of chocolate. Or when I was stopped in public for drinking. Oops.

"And you call that a treat?!" said Kameron. Agreeable amongst all of us, the prospect of the police making a visit is far from exciting. But fast forward 24 hours, and Mollie (pictured above) is having the time of her life straddling a police motorcycle, fitted with a white cap. Her proudest moment in the eyes of the authorities.

To fill you in, it wasn't all that exciting all the way through. In between times, it got quite serious, and very deep. Hard hitting. However, intermittent jokes and stories from Sergeant Leather Pants (aka Simon) were uplifting. Accompanied by Constable Woolridge, the pair did a good job of making sure that we didn't become too disheartened, nor bored. The talk was intriguing, as well as useful. Like the time Nick asked Simon about Automatic Number Plate Registration (ANPR). How much concentration is involved in such operations, and how they loathe pursuits. Which is weird since you'd assume it's one of the perks of the job. Stereotypes, eh?

Or when Simon talked about convoys, which could be driving the Prime Minister around. "I tried giving one of them a ticket," intervened Constable Woolridge. We all shared a laugh. Especially when Woolridge told us about escorting a crane across London; how the tube is only 50 feet below them. "So be careful about planting your petunias ... or Petunia!". We shared a laugh again. You wouldn't expect them, or any police officer generally, to joke about something as dark as that. But then again, they did say they need something like humour to make the job bearable. Quite understandable.

In the end when Woolridge whipped out his baton (in the same fashion as Obi Wan Kenobi), it all got too much. He did, as he had admitted anyway, say he felt 'like a kid'. How happy he looked when he referred to the fast police cars, heh.

As far as treats go, it wasn't so bad. Not as good as a Curly Wurly, but definitely not better than a chocolate chip muffin. Overall, it was a good experience.

Written by Nick, Laurence and Mollie.

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