10 October 2013

"Please Keep Off The Grass & Do Not Feed The Animals"

In a warm, rectangular room on the 30th September, sat six awkward people at a square table...and then a seventh stumbled in. The post A-Level course had officially begun.

Press releases, vox pops and news stories were the agenda for the week. More work meant more re-subs which drove us to insanity - and sleep deprivation for Zaina.

We're making it seem worse than it really is... everybody here is having the best experience. Humour and acting like animals (we do eat a lot) add to the fun - Roberta did say we would need to take on a new persona to be a successful journalist.

Our main challenge of the week:
VOX POP. Not only did we have to leave the comfort of our spinny chairs, we had to approach complete and utter strangers with questions that we had prepared ourselves. The prospect of walking around Victoria in the rain was definitely daunting but when it came down to it, we all surprised ourselves. Confidence became less of an issue the longer we were out there and we became more comfortable with our surroundings... by locating a Subway and a Nandos.

Our highlight of the week:
BEST OF BRITANNIA. Other than Mollie leading us in the completely wrong direction (for over an hour) and blaming it on the sat nav, we arrived at the Farmiloe building in seven slightly damp pieces. Not only were there cupcakes and free shots to greet us but there was also the smell of extortionately priced burgers seducing Nick and Laurence's nostrils. Once we entered the warehouse, which looked like something off of the Saw movie set, we dispersed amongst the various stalls representing Britain.

There was so much going on, from fashion and photography, to cars and teapots - the list was endless. It was easy to become distracted from our task of finding news stories inside the event but, god knows how, we all succeeded.

That was week one and we're currently half way through week two. Time is going by increasingly fast. Laurence now needs glasses and Nicholas is steadily falling further into depression... BUT WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER. *At this point of our entry, Zaina walks off muttering "fuck that every man for himself."*
We've now decided to listen to our stomachs... it's feeding time at the zoo.

Well we did say we were animals.

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