15 October 2013

Monday featured Features by Laurence

We looked through many newspapers for Features, to Roberta's dismay none of us really knew anything about them because we never really read them. So we learnt that features are basically in-depth articles which focus on a particular topic but can be executed in different ways from Question & Answer, Interviewing or just a plain comment piece, presenting facts and figures with narrative. We found it more interesting than regular news stories as you get a better insight into an issue. At the end of the day, we made our own feature stand-firsts to show Roberta we had some idea what features were (I think we saved ourselves) Most of them being football dominated... 

My favourite columnist is Charlie Brooker, he presents great features in the Guardian in the G2 section every Monday, look out for it if you want to be entertained. My favourite article by him I saw when I was starting the course. It totally put me at ease and brightened up my grim morning. In my opinion, that’s what a good humour infused feature should do. It was about global warming and how basically the effort we have to put into doing the ‘small’ things. Things such as turning the TV off stand-by were too much, due to the paces involved in getting off your couch and turning the TV off at the switch, instead of using the remote. How we are killing the next generation because of our negligence (trust me, it was funny).

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