21 August 2013

This post is not late. It simply suffers from tardiness.

As you can probably tell if you're one of our regular readers, (and if not, why not?), sometimes the posts on this blog are a little late.

This may be because:
a) we were given the schedule in week 1, which by now feels as distant as the 90s
b) we all seem to have dreadful timekeeping/organisational skills
c) we have had/still have so much work to do, it's a footnote on the priority list
d) we (and by we, I mean me), stuck up the schedule on our bedroom walls so we wouldn't forget to do it, and promptly forgot all about it because, in our minds, we had it sorted.

My apologies, regular reader. I heard once that deadlines are next to godliness.

Placement, it turns out, is great fun. You have an actual desk, actual work, you have to actually phone actual people in your industry and talk to them about actual issues.

More importantly, your copy is certified by an actual editor, published by an actual magazine, and read by actual readers!

NB I thought PrintWeek magazine would have supercool HP 5000 million XX snazzy futurabot printers that print/scan/copy/digitise/teleport/make holograms/make your paper smell of lemons. Instead, it has boxy 80s printers that whirr and chug, and that aren't even programmed into my computer, thus I cannot print anything while at PrintWeek. Gutted.

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