04 August 2013

Snippets here and there ...

Time sure does fly on the PMA course. We will be starting week 5 tomorrow. Destaurant Business is coming along (i think), we are all beavering away at our desks, researching, phoning people up, writing up features, and working through the never ending pile of resubs. Some of us are still have lunch at our desks.

Most of this week was spent subbing but that was not the highlight folks (sorry Keith). The highlight of this week (for me anyway) is when Keith came into the office with a pen and paper and went around asking us what kind of ice cream we would like. (Thank you Keith) Thirza and I took our ice creams outside and stood under the sun for five minutes and enjoyed our treat. Pure indulgence it was. These are the little perks of PMA. You sure don't get to go home before 5:30 but ice cream seems to make it all better.

Finally passed 40wpm at shorthand, attempted 50 wpm and it all went horrible wrong. Reading back my own shorthand was one hell of a painful task.

We all continue to make progress thanks to our editor and deputy editor who are always making sure we are on top of things. Before we know it, the magazine will be done and we will all be getting reading for our placements.

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