10 August 2013

Press week preparations

So next week is press week. Next week Destaurant Business will come into being.

Safe to say, we ain't ready. But, my Dad always says "work expands to fill the time available." We knew we'd only have a few weeks. We've left it this late. It's our own fault. We're going to have to sleep in the office until it's done.

He's a wise old man.

As features are nearly done, the features editor is looking calm. I'm the news editor. We have NO news. I'm not calm about it. (Do you have any news? Any at all? Tweet me urgently @emwassell).

I have visions of spending the next week howling "where's the news?!" like a fishwife.

But I trust that everyone will write some awesome news and spare my dignity. Right, guys? GUYS?!

The case continues...

(Above is the extent of my media law revision ahead of Monday's exam.) HELP ME

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