24 August 2013

Placement update and things I need to be doing ...

It’s my second last blog until I finish the PMA course. I have just finished 1 week of work experience at Nursery World. It’s been good fun, they had me do a lot of news stories for the website. I was given 2 case studies to work on that have been on hold at the moment as I can’t seem to get hold of the right people. But the associate editor was nice enough to not give me a deadline as such. I have also been writing up short news stories for the website noticeboard. The workplace is different to PMA – no one makes a noise! They are all sitting at their individual desks punching away at their keyboards working in complete silence.
Roberta always said, ‘make some noise when you go on work placement’, I found this a bit hard but I always asked them to give me things to do.  

One of the struggles of the week was trying to juggle PMA work with placement work. Don’t think that Roberta won’t have things for you to do while you are away from PMA, because you couldn’t have been more wrong! So here I am trying to juggle case studies, news stories, obituary, content for marketing and a review!

It’s a bank holiday weekend! Yipeeeeeeeee. It feels like months since we were rewarded with one of these. I intend to make good use of it by getting content for marketing, review and a few tiny resubs DONE! (hopefully) And spending a bit of time with family, watching some TV like a normal person and perhaps indulging in a face mask. 

But I'm quick to be pulled back down to my obligations. I need to be applying for some jobs now, oh and do media law revision. It just seems there are never enough bloomin’ hours in the day! But I’m determined to get through this. Besides only 10 more days left and then it’s all over. Eeek! 

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