04 August 2013

North and south

So this weekend exposed a searing divide in the pma office. It all started when three of us were greeted with disbelief at our suggestion of going to explore the hampstead heath pools in some of our very rare time off, yesterday afternoon. It turns out that people from london don't like to swim in cold pools in the name of relaxation. Charlie went as far as to warn us about that faceless menace "the general public" who can be found lurking in said pools, or for that matter, just about everywhere else as well?!

Non-deterred and determined to see something beyond the walls of the press association we set off in northern cheerfulness and spirit (one diversion to buy Rachel a bikini) and had a bloody marvellous afternoon. It was just so nice to be miles away from resubs, computers, shorthand, phones and offices and the water really wasn't that cold at all!

In other news I have spent sunday researching such exhilarating subjects as cleethorpes coast light railway and rephrasing tiny snippets of 50 word briefs to within an inch of their life. It feels very weird that we are about half way through the course now - presumably we have learnt a lot but as there isn't time to stop and count up everything we've done I really have no idea if it's all going in.

I remember trawling through these post grad blogs not that long ago at all, looking for any hint of what it was really like at PMA. If anyone is reading this and worrying about how hard it all sounds, please don't be put off! It's hard but it's definitely manageable and I have to say I am enjoying it a lot.

Going to sign off now - sadly I don't think any of my posts will ever quite match Tomo's literary masterpieces (how he has time to think of them I will never know) but it definitely bodes well for an unusual editor's letter!

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