05 August 2013

Monday came too fast

I had a really lovely weekend because I did no work (inadvisable). But I did think that the little break from PMA would do me some good and make me feel fully refreshed for the week ahead. It did not.

Problem 1: The internet has magically decided to disappear in my house
Problem 2: My computer in the office is nearing the end of its life
Problem 3: There are too many colours to choose from to design our website. It's just too overwhelming.
Problem 4: I keep on missing the one person I need to talk to for my feature.
Problem 5: It's raining so I can't go outside to buy cake.

In conclusion, today has not been my friend. However, we have chosen a layout for the new Destaurant Business website and mastered HTML coding. The site and the app are going to look beautiful. We've also planned the layout of the magazine, so I am surrounded by sheets of A4 paper and ideas for pages.

I have high hopes for tomorrow. The IT guys have given me a laptop which actually works and 'moany Mondays' will be done for another week. Bring on 'terrible,' I mean 'top,' Tuesdays.

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