30 August 2013

Meerkats, Atlanta and experiential marketing

Firstly- Well done Nina you clever thing. All my fruit and veg queries will be directed to you from now on.

Secondly, my two weeks at Event Magazine have been amazing. I got there for half 9, could leave at half 5, wrote news stories, found pretty pictures to go with them and was fully immersed in the event world. When I got the Evening Standard today, I wasn't looking for destaurant news, I was looking for event news (note to self: must get back in destaurant mode- next week is going to be awful).

Highlights include going to the compare the meerkat toy launch at a beautiful (and deceptively huge) cinema. I ate food, drank champagne, was jealous of Elizabeth Hurley's dress and walked off with a free meerkat toy. All whilst watching Mission Impossible and explosions and a man on a zip wire. That my friends is experiential marketing.

I also spent a while trying to figure out how to ring Paris and Atlanta. We're not allowed to ring overseas numbers in PMA so this was a bit of a novelty really. After figuring out the dialling codes and working out the time difference i said hello to America and had a really nice conversation about experiential marketing. I should really know how to write this word in shorthand.

Ah shorthand, ah media law, ah everything that has to be done next week. Next week's going to be busy- but when Friday comes round I'll just be so happy that I've done it (and can sleep).

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