15 August 2013

Magazine finished. Pub.

After a few late nights and a very welcome Domino's pizza, we finished the magazine ahead of schedule. Happiest day ever. And it gets better. We get to leave early today and get into the office for 10 tomorrow. You won't know how amazing that is, unless you've ever done the course.

There is some debate as to whether we've set a new PMA record for finishing the magazine. Our time was 13.30 on Thursday. In my mind, that's pretty good so I'm going to say that we did. It makes me feel better. (Apologies if I've got this wrong).

If you should happen to find any spelling/grammar/style errors in Destaurant business, I don't want to know. We spent ages on it.

(An actual Haiku to sum up today)
Magazine is done
It's time for a well-earned drink
And really good sleep.

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