22 August 2013

Inadvertent time-warp

So I was supposed to do this blog last week, but I forgot. To make up for it I'll attempt a Doctor Who and tell you about two experiences at different times in the same blog post. This post is the Tardis of all blog posts: a lot more complicated and not very well thought through on the inside. Last week was the day before placement, and I was bouncing around the house checking and triple-checking that my bag was packed with everything I would need for my expedition to the dangerous wilds of Shoreditch. Now I'm sitting here on day four of placement with no clue what I'm really doing. My team are lovely and the newsroom is pretty lively, but B2B placements throw you into the deep end. There will be lots of technical language and PR gubbins to wade through. You won't understand what most things mean, so when you're trying to read previous stories for inspiration you'll spend a fair bit of time trying to decode it. This will be frustrating. You will feel very stupid. Very very stupid. You might want to throw in the towel. You might (hypothetically) wonder if you can throw yourself down the stairs accidently-on-purpose, break something and spend a few days away from placement, PMA and general life. But at some point an epiphany will hit, and you will understand, and you will write something, and it will be ok, and you will be proud. So don't have any 'accidents' and as Roberta will probably tell you 'JUST GET ON WITH IT'.

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