02 August 2013

Imagine this...

I'm in the Oval Office with President Barack Obama who's giving me an exclusive interview. We talk about economic policy, gun control and Jersey Shore.

His secretary walks in to tell him Michelle wants a private word. He gets up and leaves me in the Oval Office alone.

I twiddle on my phone pretending to have texts to send before I look aimlessly around this weirdly shaped room. 

I notice on the desk an opened letter but it's facing the wrong way so I tilt my head in an unnatural way to get a peek. It's from Dave - he's moaning about Cleggy. Who knew Dave was such a Regina George?

But just when he gets to his whinge about Georgie Osborne the text cuts off at the bottom of the page. 

The good stuff's on the other side...

I pick it up. 

A dozen agent Smiths storm in and jump on my back. 

"I'm arresting you for trespass to goods."

It would have been fine if I had just read it without picking it up, apparently. 

So read any unguarded confidential letters you want. Just don't pick them up. 

Media law is the best. 

© 2013 Tomo

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