18 August 2013

I was meant to write this on the 13th of August .... Oops!

This is a late blog. Sorry guys, had problems with the internet at home and as much as I wanted to write my blog, I had to leave it until the internet was up and running again (and when I had a bit of time.)

So here is a little update.
Magazine was done a day early
Nina cooked a salmon fillet in the office microwave
Keith treated us to 8 (I think it was 8 bottles) of wine on Friday night.
We now have to focus on getting the website looking brilliant with new content and videos.
We had the weekend off!!!!!!!!!

We have all finished and survived press week. Many past PMA-ers who visited us told us that week 6 would be absolute hell. But it wasn’t and we all pulled through, playing our parts to bring Destaurant business to life.

Roberta was nice enough to let us have the weekend off. Now, you maybe thinking ‘that’s not a treat’. Believe me, it was like music to our ears, our baggy eyes with dark circle suddenly widened as she told us we didn’t have to come in on Saturday. It really was the best news I had heard since Keith brought us all ice cream (and that was week 4!!)

Tomorrow I start my work placement at Nursery World. I have read 2 issues of their magazine. I think I’m going to like it there but I have no idea how hard or little they will work me. All in all, I’m looking forward to it and hope that I will be able to put my skills to the test! I keep telling myself if all else fails, I could be a slush puppy lady. They make loads, charging £2.50 a pop! Ok, so the nerves are seeping through my optimism. But these are good nerves.

Guess you’ll just have to wait until my next blog to find out how it all goes.

P.S If anyone is reading this who is thinking of doing the course, do it. It’s not a bed of roses and no you can’t be a sport journalist straight after it. Believe me when I say, it will push you way out of your comfort zone. But you will never know how rewarding it is until you actually get stuck in and do it. The buzz I get when I find a juicy piece of news is the best feeling ever. But be prepared, your work will get rejected plenty of times before it starts getting better. That’s just a part of the process. Week by week, you will begin to improve and gain more confidence. And remember guys, ‘deadlines are next to godliness!’

Until next time. 

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