01 August 2013

Finding your niche

At this moment in time I'm feeling pompous enough to try and give you some advice. At university you can probably end up reasonably good at a lot of things. In journalism you won't. You'll be terrible at a couple of things, alright at most stuff and good at one thing in particular. That's your niche.

It could be anything; news, features, blogging, subbing... anything. Often it's something you really don't expect.

But niches are important. There are times on this course when you'll feel so low; like you can't do anything right, that everyone else is miles ahead of you, and that you might as well give up. Just when you're making some serious plans to squish yourself under the train seats to avoid the ticket collectors on the train home your niche boosts you back up.

Your niche will make you feel on top of the world (however briefly). You might not even be that brilliant at it, but it's something you enjoy, something that makes sense. For an hour or two you can forget that your brain is in overdrive and you've definitely eaten something out of date in the fridge. Hopefully you'll find it early on, but if not don't worry, it will come.

In the meantime, enjoy:

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