30 August 2013

A life changing phone call...

I had planned that this blog would be about what I've learnt from placement over the past few weeks. However that all got blown out of the window when I got a call offering me a real-life-paid-job about two hours ago! And now I can't think straight because it's all so exciting.

This was my second interview during the course and I enjoyed the process a lot more second time round. Must have said something right as it was only yesterday :) From 23 September I am delighted to be joining Fresh Produce Journal as a staff writer. The office seemed lovely and I can't wait to enter the world of fruit and veg and paid journalism.

In a round up of everything else that has happened I have loved working at Hort Week. I was given just the right amount of support and independence and had a great time following up stories and finding my own. I even got to look round a couple of gardens which was lovely. Amazing how much you can learn in two weeks. I did initially panic on the first Monday morning when I temporarily forgot how to speak/write/function. During lunch that day I did reconsider my life plan. But by 5pm it had all settled down and I felt a lot happier. There was one incident involving a camembert cheese (officially the most offensive dairy product on the market) but that story can wait for another day...

One of the most important things I have had to come to terms with is that the list will never be ticked off. For anyone who knows me, hopefully they will understand what a big deal this is. I love ticking things off lists. But it turns out journalism is one, long, CONTINUOUS list which can never be completely finished. And  I am slowly learning that this is no bad thing.

I am now going to spend the rest of this day drinking champagne (probably cava let's be honest) in a park, thank you very much.

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