21 July 2013

Video Games

I almost forgot that I had to write this today. Not a good end to the second week. Well, Keith's instructions were to write whatever we wanted, so with such precise instructions in mind, here's a recap of this week's action.

We started with online journalism and social media. Turns out online is not merely print on the Internet (dammit) and Twitter is not just for gaffe-prone celebs (surely they don't know this). I have become one of those people who checks their phone for tweets while they wait for the Tube bus replacement service that is not what anyone would call "frequent." I'm immensely proud of my whole 30 followers. Even if almost a third are other PMAers.

Moving on, we had video production practise, which involved being let loose on Londoners with teeny weeny hand-held cams to ask them their opinions on life. Look, now I'm as about as specific as Keith.

A day of editing followed, then a day of grammar and intro-writing, then a day of podcast production. Who knew 5 mins of audio would take hours to make? Well, now you do.

And so begins week three. Updates to follow!

PS. Apply for the course. You'll be knackered but you'll feel awesome about it. Promise.

PPS. In Thirza's picture below, I (the blonde in the background) look like I'm pretending to work at a black computer screen. In fact, my work-filled screen was hidden behind that Mac by the camera angle. Honest!

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